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360Luxury- Casa de Campo Byonce and Jay

Having joined us in Casa de Campo for a romantic beach break in February of this year, Beyoncé and Jay Z with their daughter Blue Ivy were just back in Casa de Campo to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. It seems one of the world’s most famous families have really fallen in love with our little piece of paradise!


Beyonce Casa de CampoRelaxing in a magnificent multi-million dollar oceanside estate located near to Minitas Beach, the couple clearly had a fantastic time enjoying the view of the Caribbean sea, relaxing in the pool, strolling along the private beach, and doing a little golf practice. 360Luxury is one of the leading Luxury Villa rental company.


However, just like on their last visit, they ventured out and about and were spotted having a great time all over the Casa de Campo resort.

While we had of course already heard this “rumor”, now that it’s national news, it certainly looks like someone has already let the cat out of the bag. So while we’re not going to reveal anymore – after all everyone deserves a little privacy on vacation – we do have some fond memories of their last visit to Casa de Campo that we can share…


jay-z-anguilla-3On their last visit to Casa de Campo in 2009, Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted at Minitas Beach with a crowd of famous friends; Shakira, P. Diddy, Lil Wayne, Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez and more. This time however it is unlikely that we will get such a personal viewing, their Casa de Campo villa of choice is so fabulous we find it unlikely they will be venturing out much.


Also on that same visit to Casa de Campo in December 2009, the famous couple were celebrating Jay-Z’s 40th birthday, at one of Casa de Campo’s largest and most flamboyant villas – Villa Las Ondinas rented by 360Luxury in Barranca Este (pictured above) – which is also where Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and T-Junior took a break last June. The star-studded guest list allegedly included Alicia Keys, Oprah, Pedro Martínez, Goldie Hawn and Naomi Campbell, while entertainment included synchronized swimming, songs performed by Jay-Z himself, fireworks and more. Click here to read our original post about that party.


jay-z-beyonce-minitas-beachWe hope Jay Z and Beyonce have an equally fabulous time on this trip to Casa de Campo, so we’ll wait until they have concluded their little vacation in paradise before spilling the proverbial beans!  Welcome to back! 360Luxury Best and Beyond