nightlife in sosua private villa to rent

nightlife in sosua private villa to rent

The best nightlife in the Caribbean and the perfect private Villa to rent for gentlemen.

Club 59 (clasico): Best Night Club
This club was by far the best nightclub in Sosua for dancing and the hottest women. The Music is banging, Latin, dance, hip Hop etc… The night I was there, they had a guess DJ from New York City who was off the hook. The dancefloor was going crazy. Drink prices are reasonable and there is no better place for music women and booze. Defenitely a good time.
Dress Code: Casual, dress how u like but you must check your hat in at the door.
Morua Mai: Very exquisite cuisine in Sosua
Morua Mai is to me one of the top five restaurants in Sosua. The cuisine is superb, I specially enjoy the pasta primavera there, also the surf `n turf. Their elegant setting takes place under a giant tiki hut that can be seen when walking towards the beach from Pedro Clisante Street, the main street of El Batey. This is a restaurant that keeps a high level of services and been a tradition for a long time in Sosua. Chef Alexandra Brockmans is very friendly and professional, and Rafael the owner gives clients a personalized and attentive service. Their menu selection is varied, great desserts too.
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This place is everything in the title plus dancing, eating and drinking, people watching, maybe adult spot and definitely meat hustling market # 1 in Sosúa….. As I usually sat at Central Bar, some three or four meters away from Merengues entrance, the girls swapped over and it was many times a sheer pleasure to kid around with them if they had some humor and were not that desperate to make a few quick bucks…. but some of them were also real pains in the neck ( see other tip about what money can buy in Sosúa ).
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But besides all this Merengue is also a hugely popular spot for just drinking at the bar, socializing or dancing at the upstairs Club 59….. Plaza Merengue and Latino’s Bar are the two top hot spots of Sosúa and I was a regular in Central Bar exactly between them and got it in stereo…
Well, cruising or wandering on Calle Pedro Clisante , which you undoubtly will do when in Sosúa, you won’t be able to miss it….. and you shouldn’t either… Take a break, sit down, look around, order a drink and relax…… somebody will take care of you , you can bet on this……
Dress Code: I don’t know if they accept bare breasts, female or male…. otherwise….come as you feel like it..


Sitting anywhere on Calle Pedro Clisante at night watching the crowds walk by you will undoubtely spot this gentleman with the freaky haircut….. In fact, I was so impressed that I asked him if I could take a couple of pictures of him which he gently okayed. It turned out that he is a magician who cruises the busy Sosúa streets at night in search for someone to hire him for an impromptu magic show, whereever, at the bar, in the restaurant…. He walks around with his little case where he keeps his pidgeons and rabbits, the colorfull silken scarves and playing cards…..
He looked pretty exhausted that evening, nonetheless we started a nice chat and even though I never hired him, we talked to each other every evening from then on and I invited him for a couple of beers…
But if and when in Sosúa, don’t miss the Great Magician ( EL MAGO ) BATISSA…. who will perform nicer and cheaper illusions for you than your travel agent and your Sosúa real estate agent….

Dress Code: maybe a loincloth…???? don’t know anymore what to write here….


Voilá, more of Calle Pedro Clisante, definitely the most popular and populated street of all of Sosúa.

Five other bars / dancing places to chose from except the last one, the MOBY DICK dancing place that was closed by the police at the height of Sosúas tourist boom some 10 years ago, supposedly because of child prostitution going on inside but other voices whisper that the responsible police chief just delivered a blow to his equally corrupt competitor in the police force, the owner of Moby Dick…. Neither scenario surprises me, probably both are true…..
pic # 1) The X Dancing Club and Disco just opposite the street from Merengue Bar… as good as any other….
pic # 2) The Tropicana Bar , Men’s Spa…. quite suspicious ….. is that working out what the girl silhouettes are doing on the sign..??
pic # 3) The more low key Ruby’s, at the beginning of the street that leads down to the beach…..
but what do I know..? I’m not a drinker, so sitting in a bar makes not much sense to me anyway…..
pic # 4) Sea Cretis ( dunno what this supposed to mean….), yet another hst (hooker seeks tourist) place… music, drinks, beer and many girls, all of which with the same intent….
Good luck to you, ladies….. with all that competition…..
and pic # 5) the infamous Moby Dick…..The place has been like this since it was shut down….. and this is a prime Pedro Clisante business spot….. The way the building looks from the outside is an affront to the holiday needing tourist eyes…. Wonder how long this ruin will be in the way for another, hopefully better option for Sosúas already pretty boring night life……

Dress Code: Just make sure you cover your private parts, the rest and fashion and etiquette and other “civilized” norms are irrelevant in Sosúa…..

As mentioned in my last tip, the Latino Club Disco is in the back while the street front is graced with another neon lit alcoholic beverages heaven and hooker parking lot…… lol… I’m not moralizing here, it’s just that there are really too many places like this and it was boring after a while not to be able to find some real alternative….. In fact, thinking a little more about it, the WHOLE Calle Pedro Clisante is one big “puteiro” and you actually can’t walk down this street without being hustled at least twice….
Well, BUT if you like to drink beer, this is certainly a good choice.

Casa Marina Beach Bars ~: ~ All Inclusive Bars ~

We never really experienced the nightlife in Sosua. We went out of the hotel one night and wasnt keen on the resort and decided to go back to the hotel. It was a shame that we didnt experience the nightlife but i didnt feel very safe. So we spent most of our holiday around the free all inclusive bars at the Casa Marina Beach Hotel. Drinks are served from early in the morning until 11pm and there are four free bars to choose from all located along the beachfront.

There is also two cash bars at the hotel if you want to buy branded spirits or beer. There is also a disco at Casa Marina Beach called the Calypso Disco. It is open from 11pm until around 3-4am so it is ideal if you want a drink after 11pm. Drinks in the disco are not part of the all inclusive package but the prices are reasonably cheap.

Dress Code: Anything… most people dressed casual