what to do in sosua and private villa rental

what to do in sosua and private villa rental

What to do in Sosua.

Truly an amazing beach, had a great time
Sosua beach felt great, got superb looking scenery, clear water and can snorkel without going too far. It has some vendors but they were good people, awesome. The restaurants serve sea food, cerveza, and we had musicians playing bachata for mom`s bday, too cool! Gift shops can overprice, be ready to negotiate or have a local ask for you. There is a fb page for the beach with nice pics, https://www.facebook.com/sosuabeachdr it seems their community page.
Sosua beach is the top destination on the North Dominican Republic, a golden sand paradise set in a half-moon shaped bay of turquoise-blue waters that offer a clear view for those snorkeling and the perfect setting to those swimming in its waters. The beach has a lot of activity due to many restaurants, bars, gift shops and water sports stores, also vendors of food and local jewelry. I have visited Sosua beach since 2004, and fell in love with it ever since. There are many good restaurants, top ones are El Pescador, and Mofongo King, as well as so many others I can`t recall. The beach is about 1.4 km long, best area is to the side of El Batey, best to avoid Dominican holidays as it gets full of locals and the crowds are noisy. The artists promenade is the small street access to the beach, lined up with many artists painting and displaying local art. There are other beaches in Sosua, but this one is the main one and best of all, be sure to enjoy it.

Very private tropical 6 Room Villa rental in secure gated community.The Jacuzzi and infinity pool offer a breathtaking ocean view. Party approved.

Sea World Dominican-German style in Cofresi , about 15 km west of Puerto Plata. I haven’t been there but just can imagine judging by the propaganda pictures. Probably a fun filled day for couples young at heart and families with kids between 5 and 12 years….Better take swimming trunks and suits with you. You can swim or pet with dolphins , shmooze with sea lions, caress sting rays and about the sharks and tigers I’m not sure….. You can place macaws , one on each shoulder and another one on top of your head…And you’ll probably have a lot of motifs for shooting at least 300 digital pictures if your battery lasts that long and your memory card has a minimum of 512 Kb

The holiday rental villa offers private pool and daily housekeeping in a gated community.


Just leave your notebook at home….. Nothing more ridiculous than dragging your work along on a sunny carribean holiday… And do not expect too many wi-fi areas anyway…. Maybe at the airport ? And hooking it up to a telephone line and dial up…???? No way, right ? Too slow…..
But then what if you HAVE to check your emails or bank account ?
Sosúa is filled to the gills with Internet Cafés… CyberCafés or LanHouses or whatever they’re called today….. Can you remember the days when you could still live without a pute ? Like some 12 years ago when a mouse was still a cute little rodent to you or something from Disney…? And they got us slowly hooked and dependent like junkies..? And one day without internet gives us cold turkey today..??

So if you need to check on your bank account ( like I had to ) and on your emails ( like I wanted to ), visit one of the many convenient and cheap internet cafés…. so you can get your rocks off ( like I had to ). One hour, maybe two and you’re calm, reassured and appeased and can then enjoy the rest of the day without worries ( except if a hacker has cleaned out your bank savings….)

And besides staring into the boob LCD screen or at the typoboard in front of you, you can also order icecold passionfruit or apple juice or coffee or beer, eat some snick snacks, smoke your cigarette in some of them and even try to make a pass at the cute waitress ( like I had to…. no luck though….).

I have no notebook anyway, exactly because I don’t want to take this thing around the world with me and because when I’m gone from home and in another surrounding, I don’t want to be tempted by internet, chatrooms, games and VT reports, I just want to enjoy what I do not have at home…..

So, leave your notebook at home, the internet cafés will console you…..

Monster Truck Safari ~

This is a very popular excursion in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy a fun day out with professional guides and explore the unspoilt Dominican countryside. You can see breathtaking views over the beautiful island aswell as going through back street county roads, crossing rivers, streams and lovely sugar cane fields.

Then you visit small villages and can chat to the friendly local people, see there lifestyle and schools. Included is an all you can eat buffet, unlimited soft drinks for everyone and free flowing Rum for the adults. I will warn you though the rum is very strong so do take care!

The locals live a very simple life and do not have much so if you decide to do this tour they love anything given to them, the rep said they love pens, pencils, paper and even toiletries. If your not prepared for it then you can just take the little bottles of shampoo and shower gel, shower caps and soap which you get in the hotel rooms. They are very grateful as they do not have little luxuries like these as they are very expensive here.

I recommend you to take a towel, camera, sun lotion and some cash for sovernirs.
The cost is 85 US Dollars per adult and 42 US Dollars per child and the tour lasts all day.
this is bookable through your tour operator on arrival at your hotel or you can book direct with any of the tour desks at the hotel.
by schurlif Written Apr 30, 2007
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This is a light tip…. just take your legs and go for a walk , there’s always something new to discover……

Pic 1 shows you the other kind of street hustling, propaganda signs in a row like dominos….
I found this exhibition of these announced services pathetic and funny at the same time…..
I hope they have a reasonable transaction volume after all……

Pic 2, taken on Calle Ayuntamiento during one of the many, short rain gushes in the “winter” period, December to February…..

Pic 3 shows the street from my lots down to the main highway in Sosua…… Last time before this recent trip to Sosúa, this street was a dusty , unpaved and pot-holed path , mostly muddy and a danger to your ankles…. and now…..

Pic 4 is old , from about 12 years ago or so….. A little outside from Sosúa , if you venture away from the main streets, you might have to face this “imminent danger”…. “lol”. Most of these kids are well behaved and are just curious to exchange a few words with gringo tourists…..